Antelope Canyon Tour

Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend Tour

Private Tour

Transportation Included

Join us for a full-day guided hiking and sightseeing trip up to Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend in AZ. You have very likely seen pictures of the magnificent formations but seeing them up close and personal while sightseeing on our Antelope Canyon Tour is just... well incredible.

Private Adventure Price

2 Passengers: $800/p

3 Passengers: $600/p

4-7 Passengers: $500/p

8-12 Passengers: $4300 (group rate)

Adventure Details

  • Pick up will be at 5:30am to start our 5 hour drive up to Page, Arizona where Antelope Canyon is located.
  • Upon our arrival, we will check in and then you will embark on a 1 hour walking tour through the rock formations at Antelope Canyon guided by one of the trained Navajo guides that are on site.
  • After the Antelope Canyon tour, we will head over to Horseshoe Bend where you will get a glimpse at one of the most amazing rock formations in Arizona
  • Lunch will be included
  • We will arrive home between 8pm and 9pm.

Included in tour

  • Lunch ($40 plus tax and tip)
  • Entrance fees to Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend
  • Transportation from Phoenix/Scottsdale
  • Professional Guide

Why Go Private?

There are many reasons for adventurers from Scottsdale and Phoenix to go on oura Grand Canyon private tour but the most important reason is that your tour can be tailored to your desires, timing and needs! Want to spend more time in one location over another? No Problem! Switch up the lunch spot for the day? Sure thing!

Additionally, you can expect the following:

  • No tour minimums to be met, so no last minute cancellations.
  • Personalized information, recommendations and direction from your guide.
  • Your guide stays with you and only you all day!
  • You are the only pickup! No driving from hotel to hotel (or residence) to drop off the other guests on your tour at the beginning and end.
  • Secure storage of your belongings in your private tour vehicle.
  • Ability to more adequately accommodate special group needs including medical needs, dietary restrictions, children and elderly traveler needs.
  • Tour customizations for your desired add-ons such as Helicopter tours, hiking tours, biking tours, wine tasting etc.

Pick Up Locations

Pick up from Phoenix/Scottsdale hotel partners, VRBO's and personal residences is included in the cost of the tour. If you are outside of our normal pickup zone, you can meet at our office at 7750 E Redfield Rd. STE 104., Scottsdale, AZ 85260 where will we provide you with round trip transportation for the rest of your tour.

What To Bring

Remember, we are in the desert and it is dry! Always bring more water than you need when you are planning to hike through the desert on our Antelope Canyon Tour, or any other guided hiking and sightseeing tour in AZ. We do supply water and snacks in our vehicles for the duration of the trip. An additional layer (sweatshirt etc.) is suggested, as it may get chilly up north (depending on the time of year). For those of us who burn easily, sunscreen is strongly advised along with a hat and a good pair of sunglasses. It is mandatory to bring:

  • Photo ID
  • Cash and/or credit card (for additional purchases)
  • Hiking boots are suggested but closed-toed shoes are a must. Please, NO SANDALS

Cancellation Policy

All single day tours incur a 72 hour cancellation policy. Cancellations made within 72 hours of the start date of the tour will be non-refundable. Cancellations made outside of the 72 hour window will be entitled to a full refund.

Large Group Gratuity

For large group tours of 7 or more participants, we require a 15% auto-gratuity that will be charged to the credit card on file following the booking of your tour. If you have any questions, please contact our office.