Our guides are the life-blood of DukOUT. All of our hiking, biking and horseback riding guides in Arizona are outdoor enthusiasts who have decided to make their passions into a business, with an outdoor adventure job. We are always looking for more guides who want to pursue their passions in outdoor adventure.

The difference between a DukOUT Guide and a guide from any other company is that DukOUT Guides are all independent business owners who value integrity, transparency and share a love of the outdoors. The steps below detail what it takes to become a DukOUT Guide and how to get started pursuing your passions with an outdoor adventure job in Arizona.

Fill out the application

All guides must pass the DukOUT U® Trail Certification Course

All guides must must then complete the field training course including multiple training hikes.

Start guiding on your own!

Are you looking to build your outdoor passion into a full or part time business?