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Whether it is trekking through the cloud forests of Costa Rica, conquering the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, or hiking and rafting the Grand Canyon, Alan has explored some of the world’s most fascinating regions. As a Boy Scout, Alan first discovered his love for the outdoors and began to hone his skills in hiking, backpacking and camping. Alan now passes on his knowledge and skills as an adult leader for the Boy Scouts of America and has served in various leadership roles including Scoutmaster. He is presently an Asst Scoutmaster and Eagle Rank advisor. Alan is a native Phoenician who is a certified Master Facilitator and Trainer for a personality instrument called Real Colors. He works with all professions offering his expertise in communication skills, team building, conflict resolution and leadership development.

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He is a world traveler having visited 6 continents and 35 countries (as well as 45 states). As an open water scuba diver he has experienced the Caribbean, the Galapagos Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. With his wife Kristi, they ski the powdery slopes of Utah and Colorado. Alan is an all around outdoor adventure enthusiast who brings his wit and wisdom along with a wealth of knowledge of the Sonoran Desert and the state of AZ to your DukOut experience.


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