ABOUT Chris Lehker

With his zeal for exploring and his determination to produce the highest quality adventure, Chris is your perfect guide. He brings over six years of hotel concierge, valet, bartending and sales experience to DukOut.

An Arizona native, Chris is an expert in desert living, an advocate for the South-West, and pure adrenaline junky. DukOut benefits from Chris’ undying passion for adventure, and so will you.

Chris Lehker Adventure Gallery

Best Adventure

My favorite and most memorable outdoor experience began on a small island in the Philippines called Malapascua. My friends and I charted a dive boat and crew to sail us south on an overnight scuba diving trip bound for the gorgeous desolate island known as Kalanggaman. One of the most visually stunning dives I have ever been on, the Kalanggaman islet shelf was abundant in a variety of exotic creatures and beautiful coral. Following the epic dives the crew treated us to a rustic spit-fired chicken dinner and local rum. Spending the night out under the stars on the small sandy islet, we awoke to quickly submerge into the crystal blue sea for two more breathtaking dives before leaving the picturesque island. It was the most unforgettable experience of my life!


CPR | First Aid


Hiking, Snowboarding, Backpacking, Wake boarding, Diving