ABOUT John McCarthy

Through his enthusiasm for travel and aptitude for the outdoors, John has become one of our Lead Adventure Guides with DukOut. Residing in Arizona for over 11 years now, John offers our guests a true local’s experience to reminisce for a lifetime.

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Best Adventure

My favorite day trip began as the sun beamed over the horizon on Malapascua Island, Philippines. We loaded up our dive boat, hosted by our two local boat crew mates, and motored out on the Visayan Sea. After 2 hours, in the distance peered the most beautiful spit of land I’d ever seen. The white sand bar, palm trees, and crystal clear blue water was this hidden gem called the Kalanggaman Islet. After four scuba dives, including my first night dive, enjoying freshly spitfire roasted chicken made by our crewmates, and maxin’ the relaxin’ on a tropical beach with friends, I thought to myself – this is living the dream.


Emergency First Response | First Aid | CPR Instructor | Master Scuba Diver Trainer


Travel | Scuba Diving/Snorkeling | Hiking | Backpacking | Snowboarding | Motocross