ABOUT Jordan Soteros

Born and raised in Washington, much of Jordan’s early childhood was spent in Montana and Washington. Jordan has been all across America and hiked a variety of beautiful landscapes. Often salmon fishing in the great Pacific Ocean, Jordan grew up camping, hiking, and hunting and fishing all across the greater northwest United States. Migrating to Arizona in 1998, where he spent most of his life and created a majority of his outdoor adventures. In 2013 Jordan spent some time on the Gulf Coast in Pensacola, Florida where he golfed and fished right off the soft granite sand. But the quiet serene desert drew him back with its red rock cliffs, vibrant springs, and all year round weather to be outdoors.

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Best Adventure

The best trip he said to have ever been on was a backpacking trip with my best buddies through Sweden, Germany and Amsterdam. We were fortunate enough to see Swedish castles in Stockholm, visit the Berlin Wall, and visit museums with beautiful artwork in Amsterdam. I know there are still some amazing places out there and can’t wait to go out on the next adventure.




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