Many people find the outdoors to be one of the places where they are the happiest and most at peace. At DukOUT, we believe being in the outdoors is more than just a good time, it's a way of life.

That's why we have created a platform for those who want to make a business with their outdoor passions. We strive to connect those with outdoor knowledge to those with outdoor interest.

Get Outside

We believe being outside makes life happier and more fulfulling. Why waste a great day sitting on the couch?

Personal Guides

Our personal guides want nothing more than to share their knowledge with their fellow hikers. Have questions? Ask away!

Epic Adventures

From trail hikes in the desert, to day trips around Sedona, a new and exciting adventure always awaits you with DukOUT.

Lasting Memories

Memories are the reason why we go out and do anything. At DukOUT, we want to help make those memories last forever.


At DukOUT, we set ourselves apart due to the dedication of our guides. All DukOUT guides have gone into business for themselves to pursue their passions in outdoor adventure which is why we know they will provide nothing but the best on your guided adventure.

Many companies offering guided tours end up taking their groups out with 1 guide and simply follow the leader along the trail. With DukOUT, all of our trips have 2 guides which allows us to ensure that all of our patrons get the necessary attention that they deserve to help in answering any questions, provide a wealth of knowledge, and create a fun and lasting memory.