Many people find the outdoors to be one of the places where they are the happiest and most at peace. At DukOUT, an Arizona tour company, we believe being in the outdoors is more than just a good time, it's a way of life.

That's why our Arizona tour company has created a platform for those who want to make a business with their outdoor passions. We strive to connect those with outdoor knowledge to those with outdoor interest.

Get Outside

We believe being outside makes life happier and more fulfilling. Why waste a great day sitting on the couch?

Personal Guides

Our Arizona tour company guides want nothing more than to share their knowledge with their fellow hikers. Have questions? Ask away!

Epic Adventures

From trail hikes in the desert, to day trips around Sedona, a new and exciting adventure always awaits you with DukOUT.

Lasting Memories

Memories are the reason why we go out and do anything. At DukOUT, we want to help make those memories last forever.


We are a premier Arizona adventure tour company offering guided outdoor adventure and hiking tours throughout the state, to create lasting memories for our clients in the great outdoors. As adventure brokers, we offer Grand Canyon tours, horseback riding, wine tasting, hiking and jeep tours. We work with many specialized companies such as jeep tour operators and horse stables to build full day excursions for our guests where we provide all the planning, transportation and logistics, and we also offer a range of our own adventure tours including day hikes in Phoenix, Sedona & the Grand Canyon, Sedona Wine Tasting Tours and Antelope Canyon tours to name a few.

We set ourselves apart due to the dedication and knowledge of our guides as well as our mission to create all-inclusive tours incorporating many different types of activities in which you as the traveler should not have to take out your wallet/purse for anything other than souvenirs. Our professional guides are all passionate outdoorsmen & women who strive to share their knowledge and expertise with you on every adventure, making your experience much more than just a walk through the desert.

Many companies offering guided tours end up taking their groups out with 1 guide and simply play follow the leader along the trail or get lectured at on the drive without much back and forth. Our guides, many of whom are multi-day backpacking guides as well, have extensive outdoor knowledge and interpersonal skills and take the time to give all of the information but to also really build relationships with their guests during the tour. It is highly important to us that all of our patrons get the necessary attention that they deserve to help in answering any questions they have, provide a wealth of knowledge, and create a fun and lasting memory. Are you ready?